What Is Ambien And What Are Its Known Side Effects?

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Ambien is a brand name under which zolpidem is sold in the markets. This medication is used for the treatment of problems related to sleep. It decreases the time of sleeping by 15 minutes. But, if one is taking larger doses of this medication then he/she would stay asleep longer.

It is available in the form of sublingual tablets, conventional tablets, and oral sprays. This medication is usually taken by mouth. Sleeping problem is also known as insomnia which is cured by Ambien. One may suffer from severe allergies by taking this dosage.

One should never share their dosage with another person. The dosage of this medication is different for men and women. Children ought to be stored far far from this medicine. If you are addicted to alcoholic beverages then you should avoid taking this medicine during day times or before driving. Buy ambien online to get fast delivery of the medicine at your doorstep.


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Side effects

Dizziness is the most common side effect of Ambien. It also includes hallucinations. Chest pain, discouragement, fever, feeling sad or empty, etc. are the effects which are found less common.

Anxiety, bladder pain, chills, cold sweets, cough, crying, etc. are the rare effects drawn by medicine. If someone has mistakenly overdosed then he/she will surely feel change or loss of consciousness, pale or blue lips, fingernails, or skin, sleepiness or drowsiness, irregular, fast or slow, or shallow breathing and difficult or troubled in breathing.

Sometimes side effects occur that do not usually need medical attention. These side effects will go away as your body is taking time to adjust to the medicine. If a person is suffering from headaches, drowsiness, stuffy, back pain, belching, diarrhea, heartburn, indigestion, eye pain, pimples, stomach upset, vaginal discharge or weight loss then the body of the patient is taking time to adjust with the medicine.


In adults, if the medicine is taken by a patient then he/she should use the lowest effective dose. As the dosage for men and women is different, the dosage for women as recommended is 5 mg and 5 or 10 mg for men. This dosage should be taken during bedtime and should always be consumed 7-8 hours before the planned time of awakening. In some cases, 5 mg is not much effective for the patient so at that time the strength of the dosage can be increased to 10 mg. 10 mg is the maximum dosage of this medication. Repetition of doses should be avoided and the dosage should be taken as a single dose. As zolpidem clearance is lower in women this is the reason why dosage for men and women is different.

The dosage for elderly patients should not exceed more than 5mg and should be taken only once immediately before bedtime. As they are sensitive to the effects caused by zolpidem tart rate so their maximum dosage of taking this medication is 5 mg. If the patient is suffering from serious hepatic impairment then he/she should avoid using Ambien.

Online availability of the drug

The drug is easily available on the online website  buy ambien online  where one can get the medicine at their doorsteps. One can opt for the home delivery option in which the medicine will be shipped from the overseas USA to the respective places. The cost of the medicine will include the actual cost of the drug.

The patients will be guided with the correct dosage of medicine. It is important to avoid over-dosage of the medicine as it can be harmful to health and can make the health conditions worsen.


One should avoid taking this medication if he/she is allergic to it. This medication contains some inactive ingredients which can cause allergies to the patient. This medication is too effective that the effect of this medication can last even after you wake up the next morning.

One should avoid driving after taking this dosage. Keep reaching out to children. As this medication is more effective so it is strictly prohibited by children. During pregnancy, if this medication is needed then only it should be taken by the women. If there is not much need of taking this medicine so the women should avoid it as it is very reactive and may cause some problems to the unborn baby.


This tablet is used to fall asleep. When one is suffering from tensions then this tablet is recruitment as the solution to get relief out of the tension. There are different powers of this medicine for men and women. This medication is very effective and so the minimum power of this medicine is suggested for the senior citizens as they are more sensitive than men or women. A pregnant girl have to by no means take this medication. The unborn baby might suffer from health issues if the pregnant lady consumes the drug.



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